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Training: how to motivate yourself and begin to lose weight correctly

Find out what needs to be done.

Research results among women and men indicate that physical activity prolongs life, reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, breast and colon cancer, diabetes, obesity, bone and joint diseases, and even depression. This is all possible provided that you train for 30 minutes 4-6 times a week. Where to start, told the Ministry of Health.

Where to begin:

  •  Try to spend less time sitting down and find the opportunity to move more and be active. For example, go for an evening walk in the fresh air instead of watching TV.
  •  Allocate a specific time for exercise in your schedule, make training part of a daily / weekly routine.
  •  Start with the kind of exercise that you enjoy and enjoy most. For example, someone loves morning walks, while other people prefer evening workout in the gym after work.
  •  Try to train with friends or family members, because they will help you with motivation and you will encourage each other. 
  •  Start with simple exercises and gradually move on to more complex workouts and intense workouts. For example, for many, walking is the best solution to start training.
  • If necessary, perform daily exercises in several approaches. For example, you can divide a 30-minute workout into three 10-minute or two 15-minute sessions. However, do not forget that one approach should last at least 10 minutes.

Please note that if you suffer from chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes mellitus or arterial hypertension, you should consult your doctor about what kind of exercise, which intensity and duration of training is right for you.

The most common excuses: how to overcome.

If you are just starting training, you may encounter certain obstacles that are difficult to overcome at first.
  • I just do not have enough time for training.
How to overcome: Define time intervals during the day or week that you can set aside for exercise. Analyze your daily activities for one week and identify at least three time intervals that you can devote to training and exercise.
  • I have no friends or acquaintances with whom to train
How to overcome: Find new friends among physically active people. Join circles or clubs, join various sports groups.
  • I get so tired at work that I don’t have the strength to train when I get home.
How to overcome: Plan your training schedule in such a way as to engage in physical exercises during the day or week exactly at the time when you feel a surge of energy and strength.
  • I have so many things that I do not have time to train
How to overcome: Plan ahead. Make physical activity a regular part of your daily or weekly schedule, set aside time for workouts on your calendar. Stick to the promise you make to yourself.
  • I think that physical activity can harm my health.
How to overcome: Choose the types of physical exercises and loads that do not require new knowledge or skills, for example, walking, climbing stairs, jogging, etc.
  • I have small children, so there is no time for training
How to overcome: Arrange with a nanny, friend or family member to sit with the children when you go to workout, or do exercises with the children. When children grow up, various options for joint active leisure are possible: cycling, walking, etc.

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