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TOP 6 key timeless rules for creating the perfect look

Thanks to what fashion tricks you can always look luxurious, boasting the ability to make a thoughtful bow.

If you want to look stylish and relevant in the fall and winter of 2019/2020, then you will have to make a lot of effort. Bohemian bows, bourgeois chic, images in which negligence coexist with clear and well-defined perfectionism are in fashion. In order to be able to master the basic laws of designing a stylish outfit, you definitely can not do without authoritative help. Therefore,  we have decided to share with you the main TOP-6 moments with which you will be able to create your own unique style and learn how to create perfectly fashionable bows. 
  • Within one color 
In the fall and winter of 2019/2020, French fashion takes on a slightly different shape, or rather, returns to retro sources and is inspired by the bourgeois style of clothing. Carefully formed sets, in which each part occupies its specific place, at the peak of popularity. In order to achieve such an effect as quickly as possible, you just need to turn to monochrome style. Bows in similar shades look harmonious, with a logical finish - absolutely perfect. Choose tones that suit your face, focusing on your color type, and do not forget about the obligatory small details. For example, a plain beige bow can be supplemented with a “checkered” headdress, and the image of the shade of the sea wave is enough to complete with an intricate light bag. 
  • Top decides  
We confidently declare that the final mood of the whole image depends on what you put on top. Regardless of which base of the image you have chosen, the top layer in the form of a voluminous jacket, a fitted blazer or a jacket with an architectural cut, read with a sharp waist line and massive shoulders, will always be out of place. Lightweight combination dresses look surprisingly gentle and defenseless in company with an oversized blazer in contrasting designs. While simple straight jeans, worn with classic pointed boots, would look incredibly stylish if you put on a cardigan made of thick yarn and coquettishly lower one sleeve, demonstrating knowledge of the rules of asymmetry and your fragile figure.
  • Dairy coast
The closer the real New Year's atmosphere comes to you, the deeper it is worth hiding in your wardrobes a variety of options for pure white images. If in the winter of 2020 you do not want to show the miracles of disguise, turning into a vague phantom, then snow-white bows need to be replaced with no less stylish, but much more appropriate outfits of milk, beige or silver tones. It is not necessary to make a bow in the same color, because the nude shades of trousers, cream boots and a gray oversized coat will together make a real fashion symphony.  
  • Dress top 
Multilayered looks look incredibly cool, which combine the details of the wardrobe, which at first glance has absolutely nothing to do in the framework of one bow. So, combination dresses or shirt dresses in the winter of 2020 can be mixed with golfs, shirts and knitted sweaters, complementing the look with high-heeled shoes. Also not bad - casual outfits look quite rebellious and bold, where simple jeans or leather trousers are the base for the dress. Despite the fact that masculinity is still held in high esteem, we recommend that you select only high-heeled shoes for such looks. To deprive the dress of feminine characteristics in the winter of 2020, we definitely can not let you.
  • Volumes and layering
In cramped conditions, but not in insult - it’s definitely not about modern fashion trends for the winter of 2020. If you want to stay in trend, then you need to remember, perhaps, the most important rule of the current fashion season - volumes and oversize rule the score. Avoid “slippery” things that bind you, restrict you in movements and cause constant discomfort. In order for you not to seem formless and immense, remember that such “massive” bows must necessarily contain a certain amount of nakedness. For example, leave your wrists bare and focus on their grace with bracelets and large watches. 
  • The importance of accessories 
A stylish bow will never look complete, with the right final accent, unless you take advantage of fashion accessories. Remember that in any dish seasonings play the main role, and in the outfit, additional decorations - such as bags, jewelry, scarves, scarves, hats and more - are such spices. If you don’t want to spend too much of your budget on onion details, get one bag that is bright, high-quality and attracts attention. It is best if it will be colored or from a combination of several types of skin.

In order to always be at your best and look no less cool, you just need to learn the key rules for creating luxurious and truly “literate” bows. We authoritatively declare that this is absolutely nothing complicated if, when choosing the next kit for the fall-winter 2019/2020, you will consult the main and mandatory points in designing a stylish outfit.

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