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"Where the babies come from?"

Children, growing up, often confuse adults with their naive questions. It is especially difficult to answer those that affect the intimate sphere of life.

What to say to the peanut who asks: "Mom, where do the children come from?" And in general, do you need to talk with young children on these topics, maybe it's easier to let things go by their own? So, you need to talk and answer uncomfortable questions! 

Remember one very important thing that is relevant when talking with children on any topic: never, in no case should children lie. As soon as they understand that your words or promises are a lie, you will not only lose credibility, you risk losing trust.

Perhaps, even at a subconscious level, the child will remain confident that the mother can tell a lie, and then you will wonder why your son or daughter does not perceive your words about the importance of good school or proper behavior. Or maybe it's just an echo of those cases when you deliberately told the children a lie, and then they realized it.

By the way, do not confuse a lie and a fairy tale, faith in a magical miracle, for example, in Santa Claus or a fairy is useful for a child. Those children who believed in miracles, becoming adults, are much less susceptible to stress, it is easier for them to endure a difficult period in life. Therefore, a fairy tale is one thing, and a conscious lie on important issues is another. 

So, the child needs to answer the truth to his questions, but it is not necessary to go to extremes and describe all the physiological details, the child's sexual education should take place in accordance with his age. For example, when the baby asks for the first time where the babies come from, you can answer that they are sitting in the mother’s tummy, at first they are very small, and then they grow. When the tummy becomes large, the mother goes to the hospital, where doctors help the baby go outside. Often such an explanation completely satisfies the child, and only after a year or two does he begin to think about how the baby comes out, and where did he come from? These questions must also be answered. 

It should be explained to the baby that all mothers have a special passage for children, and they enter the world through it. And the appearance of the baby in the stomach is also easy to explain. Say that dad gave mom one of his little cells, which joined her mother, and from these two cells a little baby began to grow in her mother’s stomach. Tell me that mom and dad are pleased that they have a baby, and that a baby can only appear in adults who love each other, and therefore they get married. When it comes to describing the process of conceiving a child, you can say that it can be done by mom and dad when no one sees, because it is their secret. But promise that you will answer the questions of the child, if they arise.

When a child grows up, it is you who should tell him about sexual relations and everything that is connected with them. You don’t need to be prudish modesty, if you do not, then your child will learn everything from more enlightened friends, and possibly with unnecessary details.

No need to wait for the age of 12-13 years, you can be late with a conversation, and your child simply will not trust you. It is for this reason that one should never answer the child’s uncomfortable questions “If you grow up, you will find out!” or "Little else!". The child will experience unhealthy interest, because everything related to adulthood is very attractive to him. Yes, and you need to answer such questions normally, as if it were any other question, about clouds in the sky or a car’s device. So the child will know that he can always turn to you, even if something seems uncomfortable to him. This will be especially important in adolescence. And one more important tip: never scold the child if he asked a question regarding the sexual sphere, or said that he knew something from friends.

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