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Universal nail art: Manicure that will look luxurious with any bow

If you were looking for unique ideas for your nails, then our selection of TOP-10 perfect manicure options arrived on time.

If you have long dreamed of shifting your nail look to modern technology and trendy trends, then why not do it in the fall of 2019? After all, right now is the most fertile time for bold experiments, for which no one will dare to blame you for sure. Even if you decide to turn your nails into a real modern art space, no one will look at you askance, because it is all the current fashion trends that are devoted to the freedom of thought and expression . Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and try in the fall of 2019 many options for the most non-standard and crazy ideas for a beautiful manicure.
  • Eloquent syllable

If you have not dared to declare your life principles for a long time or simply feel that you can no longer keep silent about how tired you are of your colleagues, we recommend that you begin your expression with a manicure. With the help of fashionable stickers on the nails, you can talk out without spending money on psychotherapists.  
  • Peas Embody  
In addition to the fact that this version of the manicure looks incredibly stylish thanks to the actual and visually rich print “polka dots”, it is also made in Pantone's most fashionable shades of autumn 2019-2020. In addition, a similar option, due to its laconicism, can become a harmonious part of any of your stylish outfits.
  • Snow mint 

An unusual mint shade, as if covered with hoarfrost, suggests that you are gentle and soft, but not without imagination. If you do not want to seem too banal and modest, make a cute and simple geometric pattern on one of the nails - add the necessary nuance to the stylish nail art.

  • Scarlet French  

Many women adore French manicure, and not only because it is his men who find it incredibly sexy. French can be absolutely diverse, so forget about the shades of ivory and banal holes. Take a look at the unusual asymmetric options made using bright scarlet tones and a translucent base. 

  • Matte accent  

A real masterpiece of manicure thought will turn out if you decide to use stylish matte textures, add a little bright or pastel, but still “exuberant” shade, as well as smooth lines. As a result, you get a stylish nail art with the strokes of a modern artist, as if scattered across your nails like on a canvas. 
  • For two hares  

Or rather just five! We women are so contradictory personalities that sometimes we can’t choose between two manufacturers of chocolate, but what can we say when you have to decide on a shade of manicure? Stylish minimalism in shades of foggy coniferous forest is the case when you definitely do not need to make a choice.  

  • Mocha for preppy  

We don’t know about you, but we have been delighted with the “preppy” aesthetics since we first watched the pilot series of the American series “Gossip Girl” about the life of the Manhattan elite. That is why we are so happy whenever the “cage” returns to fashion, and in combination with the delicate shades of “coffee with milk”, it becomes the real heroine of our own stylish film. 
  • Avian land  

If you like to watch birds flying to warm lands and study their habits according to ornithology textbooks, be sure to try the stylish “feathered” manicure. Even if all your care for the winged friends of our lesser ones ends with feeding pigeons on the balcony, you should not refuse a fashionable matte manicure in the style of nail art. 
  • Blue-blue hoarfrost 
We advise you to try the manicure in the style of the Snow Queen, who is still only at the dawn of her “career”. She had already learned to be a bitch perfectly, but so far she only got her own nails and unhappy tree branches, and not the hearts of passionate men.

  • Birds fly away
In the fall, it’s a sin not to take advantage of the natural themes for your manicure that nature itself provides. A stylish black and white version will never let you down and will look appropriate in any bow, and the flocks of birds flying on one fingernail will add a drop of romance and languid melancholy to your image.

Blood red and mint nails certainly look beautiful and cute, but do not you think that such conservatism reminds us of an impending age crisis? In order to remain a young soul and body for as long as possible, you need to be open to absolutely any stylish trend, choosing those that will color you and not disfigure you. But the last one when choosing a manicure is definitely impossible, because the current trends are incredibly beautiful, despite their unusualness and audacity.

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