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"Top Secret": TOP 5 things that you can’t talk about your man

Even girlfriends should not know about it!

For some girls there are no people in the world closer than a best friend. After all, she can be trusted with everything. Sure. She will always come to the rescue, listen, give practical advice. But abuse friendly attention is not worth it, especially when it comes to your relationship. Some episodes of them, especially those that relate directly to your half, are best omitted.

1. The size of his dignity 

We are sure that you have something to talk about with your friends other than your partner’s penis size. This is extra information that should remain exclusively between you and your soul mate. Respect your privacy and then others will begin to respect it. In addition, if the dignity of the outstanding size, it can cause unhealthy interest in your man from friends, insignificant - you will certainly begin to feel sorry for, give advice, etc. Even if you really want to brag (or complain), imagine how your man Excitement discusses the size and shape of your chest with your friends. Agree, there is little pleasant. If he finds out about your story, he is unlikely to be happy.

2. His skills as a lover 

Like the size of his penis, his skills should remain exclusively between you. Even trusted friends can sometimes do something stupid without thinking, and if this turns out to be some of the information not for the ears of others, your partner may be offended and become isolated. Who needs such problems? In the end, sex is more than just mechanical movements, it is a union of both soul and body, which should concern only lovers.

3. His secrets

Men, as a rule, find it difficult to share something strictly personal, even with very close people. Therefore, if it has nevertheless been revealed to you, keep it and jealously guard it from prying eyes of others. Losing confidence is very simple, but gaining back is almost an impossible task. Think before you speak, and then you will never have to make excuses to anyone.

4. Its shortcomings

And then who should complain? To nobody. Perhaps, from the fact that you tell your friends about his shortcomings, it will become easier for you, but the problem will not go away. Discuss them with your partner and together look for a way out of the current, unpleasant situation for you. After all, no one is perfect and you probably also have traits that bring your betrothed to white heat.

5. All the ins and outs

No need to suffer from verbal diarrhea and retell every step, every breath that occurs in your relationship. Although your friends will listen to you attentively, they would very well live happily without so many details. And if you have nothing more to discuss with your friends, then it’s time to think about it, but are you so close? What is your friendship based on?

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