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TOP 6 things killers of passion in a relationship

And how to get rid of them.

Relationships - not hard labor, not a quarry, working on which you feel mortal fatigue. Of course, you need to work on them and do it continuously, but you should get genuine pleasure from this. Sometimes, passion leaves the relationship, the light disappears, which warmed the two of you on long winter evenings. This is especially often observed in couples who have been together for a long time. Why does the passion fade, that it kills and how to return the old spark to a relationship with a loved one

1. You have stopped monitoring yourself 

Of course, in marriage or during a serious long-term relationship, we see our partners in completely different states and images. They are not always hospitable, but perceived calmly, as it is natural. But being in an unpresentable form constantly, justifying yourself with the fact that “what didn’t he see there?”, Can significantly reduce the degree of passion between you.

2. You let it go 

It is a mistake to say that once in a relationship the candy-bouquet period has ended, and there has been a lull. There is no need to spend time and effort to develop relationships. Of course, everything is possible and will form, but you are unlikely to be satisfied with the result.

3. Do you prefer relationships to work? 

Are you increasingly “carrying” working moments into the house, staying up late, hoping for an understanding of the other half, and, on the whole, work a lot? Such workaholism can put out the passion of your relationship, because sooner or later, despite your warm feelings, your partner will begin to feel lonely, deprived of your attention.

4. Between children and relationships you always choose children 

And this is generally not bad, it shows you as caring and attentive parents. But overwork and tiredness due to care can drive out passion from your family nest. And there is no passion - there is no sensual relationship, so important for any couple. As a result, this has a detrimental effect on the whole family as a whole, and on children in particular, because it is very important for them to grow up in a family where mom and dad love and value each other. Learn to ask for the help of others, find a good nanny and do not forget to arrange a night of rest and enjoyment for yourself and your faithful. 

5. You ignore sex 

Of course, passion in relationships is not only intimacy. However, excluding it from your relationship, you lose more than just the physical satisfaction of the needs of the body. For example, emotional closeness with a partner and the ability to just relax in each other's arms. If you have a very busy schedule, add sex to it. Reading this entry in your diary, you will already be in a state of anticipation and pleasant excitement.

6. You do not show feelings 

Of course, your soul mate already knows how much you love and appreciate her. But reminding her of this is never superfluous. A casual kiss, an innocent compliment, a touch - all this makes up the general picture of your relationship, sets off especially large strokes of serious actions and the prospect of joint plans and goals.

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