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Size + Lingerie: Victoria's Secret Guide takes the most radical decision in history

The ranks of slender top models with chiseled figures were supplemented by a model with 14 clothing sizes.

Underwear giant Victoria's Secret is trying in every possible way to demonstrate its inclusiveness and relevance to the current agenda. The brand’s management notes that the changes have reached their fashion house, which for many years remained completely closed, an elite “society”, where only girls with perfect figures, really beautiful, and not just stylish or fashionable faces could get, and, of course , exclusively "full" women. However, times are changing and in accordance with the needs of modern society, the fashion industry is forced to obey the open rules of “openness” to absolutely all types of women - regardless of their figure, race, age or even gender. I talks about the changes that the most conservative American brand has finally decided on.

Despite the fact that Victoria's Secret brand itself was created in response to a kind of gender racism, which was demonstrated in the 70s of the last century by the majority of lingerie stores, throughout the history of the fashion house, its leadership showed an enviable persistence in not wanting to notice the changes taking place in society. In 1977, in the suburbs of San Francisco, Roy Reidmond opened the first Victoria's Secret store, realizing the idea of ​​a linen salon in which not only women but also men will feel comfortable. However, already in 1982, Roy sold his brainchild for $ 4 million to Leslie Wexner, who later made the luxury lingerie brand world famous. She saved the brand from the connotations of "a paradise for men" and closely engaged in the transformation of "Victoria's Secret", identifying women as the target audience of the company. It was thanks to Wexner that the brand became incredibly popular, transmitting the idea of ​ "affordable luxury"

In 1995, the linen giant held its first, by then standards quite magnificent, show at the Plaza Hotel in New York, the star of which was the incredible top model Stephanie Seymour. Since then, the annual Victoria's Secret shows have become one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry, and the main supermodels of their generation have participated in the shows. So among the honorable “angels” of the brand were Tyra Banks, Letizia Casta, Helena Christensen, Heidi Klum, who for almost ten years was the “brand” face of the brand and its muse, as well as other most beautiful and slender fashion models.

The “Victoria's Secret” that we know today was formed thanks to costume shows, in which linen was an important part of the show, but faded into the background due to the incredible beauty of the brand’s ambassadors, amazing scenery of displays, stunning wings that proudly carried behind their the backs are the most luxurious and, most importantly, slim top models. Until 2019, perhaps the most “controversial” fashion models who took part in the brand’s shows were Cara Delevingne, who was accused of anorexic thinness and Barbara Palvin - on the contrary, the girl “got” for too “puffy” forms

Due to the body-positive movement, as well as the openness of the rest of the fashion world to innovations that are in line with modern reality, Victoria's Secret included not only transgender model Valentina Sampaio, but also a size model + Ali Tate Cutler among her “angels”. It was she who became the face of the new advertising company, having dreamed for the brand’s lookbook in the company with transgender model May Simon Lifshitz, black model Olivia Sang and Asian Laura Rahman-Kidd. Ali has a 52nd clothing size and admits that in childhood she never dreamed of being on par with her favorite brand models, but her dream came true.

The problems for the underwear brand began at the end of 2018 after the words of marketing director Ed Razek, who argued that the company fundamentally does not cooperate with transgender models or with “plus-size” models, so this contradicts the selection policy of “angels”. It seems that now a new page is developing for the brand, which decided to become more frank, open and tolerant.

Previously, Victoria's Secret angels were considered to be members of the most engaged and incredibly closed “clan”, which could be reached only with the ideal background and external data, but now this “club” of an elite linen brand has lost its pretentiousness, which is absolutely untypical for the 21st century, by opening its doors into the world of high fashion models absolute of any type and with a different nature of sexuality.

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