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Perfume letter: How to choose the perfect perfume for any occasion

What fragrance will make you the queen of the dance floor, but can cross out dreams of career advancement?

Etiquette was created in order to make the interaction between man and society comfortable and understandable. The perfumery world has its own set of laws and rules, which simplifies the moment of choosing the perfect aroma depending on the given situation. Our women still believe that the more stable, viscous and saturated perfume they "pour" on themselves, the more status they will look in the eyes of others. In fact, everything is completely different: too harsh, oppressive aroma can spoil the mood and capture you in the eyes of the interlocutor as an unpleasant person literally at the subconscious level. In order for your “sound” to be appropriate always and everywhere,  Alison will tell you how to choose the perfect fragrance. 

To the office 

If your boss is the first to hear the fragrance exuding your body, and not your greeting, then this is clearly a bad sign. For work in the office, and especially if you work not in a huge open space, but in a small room, choose light but austere aromas that will not "take your breath away" with your undoubtedly train pairs.

When choosing a "business" scent, dwell on a light scent and as simple as a business suit or basic white shirt. We recommend that you have astringent, sour, citrus or powdery perfumes - they will only subtly hint at your good taste, and not hit with your train. 

On a date 

In this case, the choice of aroma almost completely depends on your personal preferences, but if you still go to the first romantic meeting with your chosen one, then note that the aroma should not be too heavy, cloying or oriental.

So you only destroy the first impression, which is so important in cupid affairs that in a negative way it can completely turn away the chosen one from you. The best choice is powdery or floral aromas with an unobtrusive vanilla note in the base, as it is known that slightly gourmet smells are most appreciated by the strong sex.

To the party 

It is rightly believed that evening perfumes can afford to be a little heavier, more elaborate or harsh than daytime scents. But again it all depends on the situation and the venue of the celebration. If you go with friends to a club, to an exhibition or to a birthday party and know that you will be in a huge room, then you can choose the most risky and "obese" of all possible smells. But if you go to the theater or opera, then keep in mind that because of an overly active aroma, you can literally “turn” the head of your neighbors, so it’s better to stay calm and smell close to your skin. 

In a trip 

No matter how much you would not like to be sprayed with your favorite perfume, there is a common rule for everyone, albeit an unwritten rule, in the plane - no extraneous odors. If you can not resist the discounts and the availability of niche perfumes in duty free, then spray the fragrance on your wrist, but be sure to rinse it off before landing - show respect to other passengers.

 Do not forget that the plane is not the most pleasant place where people constantly have bouts of angina pectoris, suffocation and nausea. Difficulties in the form of a suffocating plume of aroma will be absolutely useless here. 

For dinner 

You may be surprised, but perfumery is inextricably linked with haute cuisine and a similar discovery was made by recognized experts in both areas - the French. Popular chypre aromas with notes of moss, lavender, oak and birch were created as the best accompanists for cheese and wine. The idea of ​​a common gastroperfume intercourse was picked up by other countries. So the Italians are more inclined to citrus, pepper and mint aromas, and the Americans prefer musky purity, cinnamon, cloves and spices, which are wonderfully combined with their national cuisine. When choosing a flavor for going to an elite restaurant, remember the only rule: you should not “sound” more pompously than haute cuisine - this is a sign of bad taste.

For training 

If you want to look chic on all fronts even in training and still use the aroma, then know that you have the only possible option - cologne. It is good because it sits very close to the skin, and in addition tones and refreshes. Citrus notes give a boost of energy, stimulate stamina and sports excitement. But still, we would recommend that you do completely odorless: if the training is too intense, then any aromatic train can worsen your well-being.

Remember, in the modern world, perfumes have lost their original purpose, which consists in successfully interrupting stinking aromas from the outside. Now perfume is perceived as an integral part of the image, emphasizing your personality and non-verbally demonstrating what kind of person you are.

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