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Made in chinos: Trendy trousers for fall 2019 that fit any type of figure.

What are chinos and how to choose a decent party for them - looks for any wallet.

If you are tired of annoying and, frankly, too wide-spread jeans (even white, ultra-wide or retro flared), then it's time to turn to the historical archives and get out something not too pretentious, not especially business, but not less elegant and even elegant. We are talking about the famous "chinos" - loose trousers with cut pockets on the sides, folds at the waist and slightly tapering to the bottom, but not fitting the leg. Such a model will be a great investment for the fall of 2019, because they can dilute with their playful mood any boring official bow, and in their “leather” version they will be able to decorate your evening look. We will tell you the story of the origins of the “chinos” and demonstrates how they can be mixed in the fall of 2019.

  • What does “chino“ mean? 

An incomprehensible exotic word “chino” in European and American culture is called light cotton pants, which were originally part of the men's wardrobe, but gradually transformed into a thing that is more preferred by women. Oh, this eternal problem of masculinity in fashion and the desire to let “capture” as much as possible of men, thereby declaring the equality of their rights with them. “Chinos” are considered quite relaxed trousers, which a few seasons ago, fashionistas did not risk putting on important business negotiations, but in 2019 they are allowed as an element of the official style, but in a narrower version of themselves.

The very origin of the word “chino“ is quite controversial, because in most cases historians say that its appearance is connected with China, where the material for trousers was first made. It was from the “Middle Kingdom” that cotton came to the Philippines, which at that time were forced to exist under the yoke of the Spaniards. It was the latter who chose the style of stylish trousers and called them the Spanish word “chino“, which is translated from the language of the colonialists and means “Chinese“. However, there is another version of the origin of the pants, from our point of view unlikely, following which it is understood that the name of the trousers came from Latin American Spanish, where the original word meant “toasted bread“, hinting at the traditional “sandy” shade of the pants. 
  • Trend history
It is not difficult to guess that “chinos” once, like leggings, were part of a military uniform, and their success story began in India in the middle of the 19th century, where the British army waged war against Afghanistan. In those days, the British still wore a vibrant form of red-white color combination, which was an excellent target for the enemy army. It was then that an officer named Harry Lumsden decided to dress his soldiers in “camouflage” clothes of a muted light brown hue, which over time will become known as “khaki”, that is, “dust” in Hindi. After 50 years during the Spanish-American War of the Philippines, the Yankees liked khaki chinos, but there was no evidence that the pants for the US Army were actually made in China.
  • What are chinos? 
It is not surprising that classic chinos, being the prototype of a part of the military American uniform, have a straight cut and are sewn from high-quality cotton twill fabric. They have simple front and sometimes back pockets, and the classic version is still characteristic in the male version of the pants. Do not confuse “chinos” with cargo trousers, which, although similar in their traditional model in color to the “khaki” range, have additional patch pockets on the legs. However, women having shown all their non-conformism and having chosen male “chinos” stubbornly took up their modernization, changing the classic range of shades, so now these trousers can be absolutely any color, and not just sand or “camel” undertones. 
  • What to combine with?
The popularity of the “chinos” brought their unpretentious and absolute and complete merger with the image created in almost any style. Girls can wear them in the office paired with elegant blouses with bows, classic strict shirts, throwing on a fitted blazer or better oversized jacket. And if you want a little more relaxation, destroying the stiffness of the bows, then there is nothing better than a combination of “chinos” and a simple white T-shirt - it will turn out no less stylish, but much more concise. In addition, these trousers work well if you decide to experiment a little with a combination of contrasting shades, succumbing to the color blocking technique. In order for outfit to succeed, you just need to pick up bright shades.

The easiest way is to pick up an entertaining accompaniment with “chinos” if you choose the classic shade of “khaki”, because such trousers will definitely be able to adjust to the image in any style and will be an excellent base for a bow. Wear them with shorter things to demonstrate an intricate cut - these can be jackets, jackets, windcheaters, sweatshirts, and choose shoes based only on which style you are more disposed to today.  
Keep in mind that chinos are the most versatile trousers: they can add volume to narrow hips due to multiple folds, and massive buttocks will masterfully mask. Not too straight legs will also look much more slender thanks to the intricate free form of trousers. And due to the fact that the “chinos” add volume to the hips, you can hide the lack of a female figure in the form of an absent waist.  

“Chinos” do not belong to the category of universal things when it comes to matching any style of clothing, but with things a la “preppy” or “office clothes” they can successfully “join the company.” In addition, these trousers, in spite of their controversial “uniforms”, will fit a girl with any type of figure, and this is a clear sign that you definitely need a couple or two “chinos”. 

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