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How to strengthen the immunity of a child of 3 years

Find out what recommendations the pediatrician gave.

The most mothers asking about raising immunity in a 3-year-old child sincerely expect that the doctor will advise some kind of gold pill that can solve the problem. But such drugs do not exist. All that is supposedly intended to increase immunity is an absolute medical “divorce”, this is an attempt by the pharmaceutical business to satisfy your needs to help your child. Unfortunately, helping people in a native way means sending dad to the pharmacy. Here are manufacturers of medicines and help in this way to realize this your need.

In fact, the correction of immunity is possible only by optimizing lifestyle parameters: sufficient stay in the fresh air, non-violent feeding, physical activity, optimizing the air parameters in the apartment, timely bowel movement, limiting contacts with sick children, teaching parents the art of proper care for respiratory viral infections - this, in fact, is the program for raising immunity for children of any age.

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