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How to eat properly if you work at night

Learn some simple rules.

The nutritionist noted that regardless of what time of day you are awake, and when you go to bed, the rules of work of all organs and systems remain the same: during the day - intensive work, at night - recovery.

Also for those who work on night shifts, the equator rule is relevant. 

The equator divides the day into two parts and distributes meals. The number of meals before the equator should be more than after. The equator will always be at 15:00, regardless of your daily routine and time of awakening, even if you work at night.

15:00 for those who work on night shifts - that is the line after which you do not need to eat carbohydrates. Namely:

  • Fruits, berries, dried fruits
  • Chocolate, desserts and everything sweet
  • Honey, sugar, jam
  • Any cereals, rice and pasta, even from durum wheat
  • Flour products, bread, pita bread, “fitness bread”

Red meats, offal, sausages are also desirable to avoid. Milk, cheesecakes and casseroles greatly increase insulin, so after the equator we also refuse them.

The deadline for dinner is 20:00, it should consist of: 
  • Heat-treated vegetables, preferably green. Not suitable: beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin, as they are starchy. 
  • Fat: avocado, olives, nuts (except peanuts and cashews), pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and flax. 
  • Light protein: egg or fish. 
If, in addition, you want to lose weight, do not include dairy and dairy products. ⠀ 

After 20:00, it is recommended to eat only vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds.

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