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How passion is different from love?

Try to find out what you feel for a person - passion or love?

Sometimes we ourselves don’t know what kind of feeling we feel for a person - passion or love? And to find out is very important, otherwise you can make mistakes.  The question of the difference between love and passion is not idle. And not easy. What is the difference between passion and love? Or is this the first stage during which love is formed exactly the same? Or is passion the opposite of love? And in general, what is love? And is it possible without passion? Let's figure it out.

For some, love is an all-consuming fire of desire to be near a person, breathe the same air with him, look in the same direction, think with the same thoughts, walk embraced, live long and die in one day.

For someone - an indefatigable craving for another, even for a week, for a month, for a year, it does not matter, the main thing is to draw like a magnet.

For someone, love is first of all responsibility and care: if I love you, it means I must make it happy. 

Someone on the very first day is ready to say: "I love you." 

And someone is not even ten years old to fully and confidently say: "Yes, I love you."

Experienced people say: the faster you were attracted to a person, the faster you wanted sexual intimacy, the faster you realized your incredible desire and the less you talked about love - the more likely it is to assume that you just suffered passion, but not love. 

Love and passion are goal-setting and speed. 

Love sets the goal of the happiness of another person, and therefore develops slowly and thoroughly: in order to sincerely work on someone else's happiness, you need to know the future owner of this huge happiness. 

Passion, however, sets as its goal the possession of another person, and therefore does not wait: all of a sudden this desired person will deteriorate, disappear or be transferred to the power of another.

That’s why, for true love, time is not a test, that’s why passion passes over time. That's why some unions last for years, and some break up in a matter of months. Therefore, we forget someone in two counts, and we dream of someone for decades, sorting through the rare moments of meetings and two or three reciprocal smiles ... 

So before you dive headlong, think about where you are diving. If in passion - count nine and a half weeks and get ready for parting. After all, it is during such a time that passion most often passes. If in love - then take your time and wait for nothing. Just love.

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