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Care of yourself

I come home from work and fall from fatigue. How to start taking care of yourself? 5 simple tips

It would seem that it’s difficult to love yourself, to cherish, to cherish, to care for? But in fact, the constant companions of women are eternal fatigue, congestion, lack of sleep.

The crazy rhythm of life does not allow you to stand still, but is it worth doing to the detriment of yourself? She grabbed a cold or twisted her leg: what prevents to take care of themselves, to give themselves rest in time?

But no: we crawl to work (meeting, parent meeting), as if our life depends on it.


Why don't we take care of ourselves?

My favorite reason is the fear of not having time to do something. We all set goals: we want a strong family, a successful career, a luxurious vacation.

And sometimes it’s scary to miss the odds, random gifts from life. And where to get the time and energy to enjoy the benefits received? After all, constantly need further, more, higher, stronger ...

The second commonplace reason is dislike of oneself, non-acceptance of oneself. Sadly, many of us consider ourselves ugly, both externally and internally and, as a result, are unnecessary to anyone.

Why take care of yourself, because I'm not worth it? If such thoughts appeared in your head, it is worth considering why you do not love yourself so much? Surely you haven’t done anything wrong. And, perhaps, one more thing is the need to feel necessary, meaningful.

Like, if I’m all so busy, businesslike, I live at work, it means that I’m super important, the globe will stop spinning without me.

In fact, there are many reasons not to take care of myself; I can’t list all of them. Better think about how this happens with you, with what thoughts or actions you stop yourself when you want to relax.

A simple situation: the middle of the week, the end of the day, you come home after a million completed tasks, your eyes stick together, your arms and legs don’t obey, and your tired brain dreams of a warm bed and deep sleep ...

But no, you are going in a different direction. Sit at the computer, wash dishes, communicate with a friend on the phone. Here it is, the starting point! What keeps you out of Morpheus’s arms?

How to take care of yourself: 5 tips from a psychologist

1. Listen to your needs and desires. Ask yourself: what do you want right now? What will you enjoy? How can you take care of yourself?

2. Listen to your body: where it hurts, where there is tension, where it is easy. First you need to learn how to simply understand what is happening to you and focus on it.

Headache - make a light massage and lie down a bit with your eyes closed, feel discomfort in your legs - put a pillow under your feet and allow yourself to relax.

3. Follow your desires. Start with the simplest, gradually moving on to the complex.

Take a bath with foam, watch light, unobtrusive films, play with your pet - there should be more pleasant moments in your life
4. Have more rest and relax. Sleep, walks, light physical exertion, outdoor recreation, massage. You will see for yourself: the more you relax, the more strength appears.

5. Remove interference. If someone or something prevents you from taking care of yourself, you need to fix it.

Minimize communication with unpleasant people who take energy from you. Periodically turn off the phone and do without a TV, and it would be nice to get out of social networks more often!

To summarize

Who cares best for a woman other than herself? If you do not learn how to feel your desires and needs, then those around you will relate to them as consumers.

So pull yourself together and learn to live, not survive in this crazy race! You deserve it!

                                                                                                                                                  Author:Alison Jack

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