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Milk tooth pulpitis: what parents need to know

Find out if pulpits needs to be treated or removed.

The dentist noted that milk teeth can also hurt. Milk teeth also have a “nerve" or otherwise pulp - a neurovascular bundle, it is inside the tooth. And the tooth inside is hollow. If you do not treat caries for a long time or (as an option) do not notice it in the initial stages, then it can “corrode” the tooth so that “mother does not grieve”. What is noteworthy: for all that, the tooth may not even hurt. Asymptomatic pulpitis is far from uncommon. But there are cases with complaints of toothache. 

An experienced dentist, often just looking at the tooth, can very likely determine whether pulpitis is on the tooth or tooth decay. But for making a final diagnosis, you still need to take a tooth picture. According to it, the doctor will evaluate the depth of the cavity and the condition of the roots. Sometimes in the picture, such secrets come up.

Pulpitis treatment is the removal of the “nerve". It is removed either partially or completely - just like in adults, the channels are cleaned and sealed. The choice of “partially or completely” depends on the readings.
In modern pediatric dentistry, pulpitis is most often treated in one visit. Local anesthesia (injection) is required.

For pulpitis and caries, unfortunately, no age. As for their treatment.

It is carried out according to indications, regardless of the age of the child. 

No need to wait for the child to grow up, there is a problem - it is necessary to solve ..

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