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8 decisions that a man should NOT make for you

It is only your business and your responsibility.

Many decisions in a relationship need to be made together. True, these include those that concern you personally, your physical and emotional health. What decisions should not be allowed to make your partner for you.

1. Contraception 

The decision on how to protect yourself must be made solely by you. If birth control pills are contraindicated (they may have a long list of side effects), you should not sacrifice your health and take them just because your partner does not like sex in a condom. Yes, and interrupted sexual intercourse - the protection is dubious.

2. Children 

The issue of offspring should be discussed at the initial stages of a serious relationship. If you and your partner have diametrically opposed views on this, you should not concede, because he wants so much. Nevertheless, the responsibility for the life and well-being of the child primarily rests with the mother. How to dispose of your own body should be decided solely by you. 

3. Career 

It is for you to go to work, it is for you to fulfill professional duties, your career is primarily connected with your life, therefore, the right to decide is yours. Of course, he has the right to his own opinion, but your word should be the last.

4. Appearance 

No one is obliged to adapt to other people's tastes. Any changes in your body are your personal decision: whether it is a piercing, tattoo, hair color change or beauty injections. Your body belongs only to you, and only you decide how to dispose of it.

5. Friendship 

Man is a social being and no one has the right to limit his contacts with the outside world. You have the right to choose your own friends. A partner can only express his concern in cases where friendship has a negative effect on your relationship, or if he notices that friends are behaving dishonorably towards you.

6. Sex 

Intimacy should never occur under duress. Your partner should understand the word “no” and respect your desires (or unwillingness) at this particular moment.

7. Marriage 

Not every girl dreams about a white dress. You should not marry, because it is customary or friends all got married, and your couple are like white crows. Marriage under public pressure will not do anything good. It should be a mature, balanced decision, which each partner makes independently. 

8. Love confession 

You are not at all obligated to answer the partner the same if he confesses his love to you. And even more so to say this until you are confident in your feelings. Words of love will be spoken at the right time, in the right place, when you are ready.

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